About U Freight

U Freight has shown over the years that it has well developed capacity to continue to provide quality services within the industry. Today’s world is dynamic with societal demand for freight services on a rise. U-Freight was established in the year 1968. The company has continued to provide quality service to meet the continuous increase in the demand for specialize service in the freight movement industry.

U Freight as a global player with several years of quality experience, initiating several solution base approaches to the demand in the industry. The company has continued to invest in technological advancement of their services to drive most of it operations for better performance and efficient service delivery. The company is also investing in qualified personnel who provide customer friendly and effective operations aimed at meeting customers need.

U Freight has several subsidiaries across the globe that provides the same quality service that the company is known provide. These subsidiaries are in North America, Asia and Europe. The company has also embraced the culture of partnership to bridge every gap that is created by the increasing demand by customers for it service. It takes extra care at ensuring due process is followed before entering any partnership. It partnership programme is target at reputable companies that have shown over the years that customer demands is prime. Just as the company has maintained a good partnership relationship with Alphatrans a company based in Germany. Write now there are several international partnership networks in 65 countries globally and it is still expanding.

Through the subsidiaries and partnership, U Freight continues to ensure that quality services are rendered to it numerous customers. Providing a securely manage environment for the movement of goods from one location to another, ensuring a timely delivery. With the use of technology by the company, goods can be monitored from one point to another and their status can always be determined. It has successfully run this system for several years now. The company has shown that it is capable of delivering on promises. The adoption of information communication driven approach and the integration of internet into the companies operation has further improved their operations.

U Freight remains a pillar within the industry whose contribution to the development of the industry is by no means small. Pioneering several innovations within the industry across the globe and promoting reliable service oriented freight forwarding services, logistics management and consulting services. When time becomes critical U Freight personnel offers time-specific proficiency in bringing about a complete solution to the service rendered. U Freight has planned professional services for imports and exports brings to the world’s  industrial markets, which includes China, Asia Pacific, North and South America, The Far East, Australia and Europe.

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